What is Earn Jagat?

A New Kind of Business for Earn Money

''EARNJAGAT'' is a unique business venture promoted by a group of dedicated and successful professionals engaged in Traditional Business, Legal Advisory, Corporate Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Network marketing administration, Business and Personality Development Trainers. Company’s main focus is to offer every Indian citizen who have aspiration and willingness to invest genuine efforts to achieve what they aspire and deserve, through a genuine and fantastic opportunity in a single plan marketing business.The main point of this plan - There is no condition to join anyone to take a withdrawal.

India's first such plan, in which whether you work or not, but you will surely earn & thats too for the whole life. The last person joining this plan will also earn 100%, this is our guarantee.

Now understand this entire plan. Suppose you join on 15th, and at that time if there are 100 joinings in the company. Then your joining amount Rs.300 will be allocated equally in all 101 users. The joining amount of the user, joining after you will also be allocated equally among all 102 users. Similarly, this series will continue to move forward.

Our Mission :

If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want in LIFE, You can Have Everything You Want in LIFE!

We firmly believes in forming meaningful, mutually rewarding and long lasting family & business associations, which are built on honesty, trust and thorough professionalism with proper trainings and motivation by top most personalities in the field. Mission and Purpose is to reach out and help people to increase their economic status. Providing world class support, as well as the best and reliable system. System honest and sincere security. Best control panel to monitor the earning. Payment are made instantly. Honesty and quality service. To provide 100% risk Free “Golden EARNING opportunity” to each and every hand.

Our Vision :

To create Wealth that improves Personal, Mental, Social, Physical & Spiritual Growth for everyone. Dedicated to the success of our company, employees and customers by taking ownership in their needs With a true sense of urgency, utilizing all of our resources. The Vision of the Company to become the best network marketing company of the world by touching millions of people around the globe, by providing quality health products and services at very reasonable and affordable costs, to help them achieve financial freedom.

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